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about BPC

On October 3, 1832, Union Church in Mecklenburg sent a petition to the Mecklenburg Presbytery requesting that they be received and recognized as a church. The rest is our History!

our Mission

abide.  encourage.  reach out. 

As we abide in Christ, we strive to grow into maturity in our relationship with God and encourage others to do the same.

Responding to Jesus’ grace in our lives and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we seek to use our gifts and resources to reach out in love to minister to the needs of our community and beyond.

our Beliefs. our Denomination.

Our beliefs of are based on the teachings of the Bible, and the practices of the early Christian Church.

We believe that we are part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ, and that the Church is to be ruled on earth, under the leadership of Jesus Christ by representative form of government.

Our theology is based on the idea that Christian faith and life are not rigid, but are always being reformed by God’s Word. Further, we believe that God chooses to be active in word and deed in the world in which we live, and that every person is called to be responsive in everything to the will and the activity of God.

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth was God incarnate, (in human flesh), and that he came to earth to reveal God to us.

We believe that by his death our forgiveness was achieved, and that by his resurrection the power of God over death was displayed once and for all.

We believe that God created the universe, and that God will heal and redeem the universe.

We believe that we are called to demonstrate the love of God to the World, and in every way to display our trust in God

Session Members

Pat Sloan – Clerk of Session
Shannon Braswell – Congregational Care 
Whitney Campbell – Evangelism 
Chad Price – Worship
Alison Brames – Mission and Service
Whitney Campbell & Chad Price – Property and Grounds
Josh Herrin – Christian Ed & Preschool
Tom Croxton – Personnel & Finance 


Josh Herrin


Amy Canterbury


Virginia Moss


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